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Decrypting GSM SMS traffic

GSM security
In this post, I’ll go over how to decrypt your own 2G GSM SMS messages by pulling encryption keys off your SIM card and processing the data with gr-gsm.

A look at GSM

GSM security
A practical look at 2G GSM security after three decades

Patching the adb daemon to run as root

How to get root on nontraditional Android devices by patching the adbd binary.

Exposing covert surveillance backdoors in children’s smartwatches

privacy iot
Reverse engineering a children’s smartwatch, and discovering some unexpected “features”.

802.11p V2X hunting

Autonomous vehicles are becoming closer to reality, and the technologies developed to support them have already started hitting the market. I set out to see if I could find any real-world deployments of these systems.

Building a passive IMSI catcher

GSM security privacy
This post walks through the processes of building a passive IMSI catcher. The purpose of this post is to be educational - to highlight the ease of which these devices can be built, and to practically show how privacy is already being compromised today.

Norway amateur radio repeater map

This is a map of amateur radio repeater stations in Norway. Data was obtained from norvhf.no, and last updated 6. December 2020.

Your ISP is probably spying on you

A while back I decided to no longer use the router given to me by my ISP. You may want to consider doing the same.

CAN on the Raspberry Pi

This post walks through setting up a CAN controller on the Raspberry Pi. My goal is to help demystify the process, and provide simple instructions that a relative beginner should be able to follow. Particularly, including information that I wish was more readily available when I started with the project. By the end of this tutorial you should have a working CAN controller connected to the Raspberry Pi via the SPI bus. Read more...
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